GPON OLT, Thiết bị truy nhập quang GPON

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PON OLT SAN3700-G08E is high density 1U pizza box, it adopts the advanced technology and Broadcom ASIC chip. SAN3700-G08E is fully compliant with ITU-T G.988 GPON standards, can interwork with different types of ONU from different vendors. It is based on the mature and robust Sino OS software platform from Sino Telecom, system has high reliability and stability. SAN3700-G08E supports network management via CLI and SNMP, with good user interface, easy to operate.

SAN3700-G08E provides the highest GPON port density in 1U box in the industry, which has 8 ports GPON, 2 ports 10GE or 8 ports GE uplink. Single GPON port can manage 128 ONUs, one equipment can manage up to 1024 ONUs. The device is easy to install and commissioning, minimizing operators' investments, it is the best suitable for service provider to deploy GPON based FTTH network.

Physical Characteristics:



Switching Capacity


PON Interface

8 ports GPON

Uplink Interface

2 ports 10G (SFP+) or 8 ports GE

Power Supply

1 plus 1 AC: Input 100~240V, 47~63Hz

1 plus 1 DC: Input -40.5V~-72V

Power Consumption

Normal Temperature: 73W

High Temperature: 87W (50

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